Profiles anodizing, Wastewater treatment

Automatic plant for aluminium chemical brightening, anodizing, electro and dye colouring.

The anodizing line is designed with "MULTICELL" technology and can treat 1, 2 or 3 handling bars at the same time

Wastewater treatment plant




The customer has asked us to build up a new anodizing line that could combine productivity and flexibility. The plant had to be installed in the existing shed, without completely stopping the production of the old line.

So we have developed the project in these phases:

  • Installation of a new anodizing and chemical brightening plant in front of the existing one.
  • Dismantling of the old line and adaptation of the shed
  • Installation of the new "multicell" line in place of the existing anodizing plant and construction of a loading / unloading area beside the tanks
  • Union of the two plants in a single production complex.

Now the plant has a loading / unloading area where the bars are prepared individually. Then, depending on the production needs and the type of required finish, the bars are gathered in groups of 2, of 3, or treated individually.

Complete Revamping of the existing line without plant downtime

        Look at the video of the new plant we have installed

    Look at the video of the wastewater treatment plant

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